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With our roots heavily involved in the entertainment industry, & through partners such as SAP, Moti & The Playbook Podcast, we are connecting quality content creation, & abundant distribution channels with passionate service & gratitude-driven strategies.

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At Mediabundance, we understand the culture of media & entertainment will always evolve; managing to find new forms of expression & interaction. Using this principle, we've created our own channels to convey important messages, build key partnerships, & provide educational content, making us a source of insight, influence and inspiration. Look out for updates regarding our entrance into e-sports, animation, multimedia & film!

'Unmatched Expertise & Passionate Service Is The Key To Our Media Strategy'


The Playbook Podcast

Leveraging our global network with the help of CEO, Author and Keynote speaker David Meltzer, "The Playbook" podcast tackles interviews, fireside chats, keynotes and exclusive conversations with the most influential CEOs, sports icons, celebrities, and successful entrepreneurs from around the country who share their personal and professional achievements, & stories about their journey.

Horses of Fire

Angelo Pizzo, writer & producer of iconic films such as Hoosiers, & Rudy, delivers an inspirational new script based on the story "Horses of Fire" written by former FDNY Lieutenant Frank Haskell about the New York City Fire Department. The film is set to be directed by Tim Van Patten (Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire). To share in the journey tune to

Developing Key Strategies

Thanks to the newest developments, we are able to cultivate the best in brand awareness campaigns & outreach strategies for high-level companies around the world as well as developing quality content in every major format with our partners. Here at Mediabundance, we strive to connect, innovate & grow with our clients.

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We are focused on creating educational content, reliable media strategies, & high-level connections with the next generation of forward-thinking companies & clients that believe in the future of media & communications. Get in touch with us today!